Beauty Blender: Overrated Or All It's Cracked Up To Be?

I have been hearing about the cult classic Beauty Blender for a while now. People rave about this cute little sponge and its ability to blend makeup so flawlessly – but because I don’t wear a foundation and stick to solid concealers, I never really felt like I had any use for this thing, which is best used when blending foundations, liquid concealers, cream blushes, that sort of thing.
But when I called this product out as a must-have purchase from Sephora’s VIB sale, I wasn’t just blowing smoke. I actually bought my first Beauty Blender during a Sephora sale excursion in the name of research – I figured I can’t be a beauty writer who hasn’t tried such an iconic product. And then I went out and bought some liquid concealer because I take my research very seriously.
The verdict? I kind of love this thing, but it is not without faults. Here’s how my feelings on it break down.
The good: The  blender makes even the annoying parts of makeup application (think blending out your base) so much fun. The little sponge is just so cute! You run it under water and feel it increase in size before using it to blend your makeup. The novelty value is high, but once that wears off, you can still enjoy how quick and sample blending becomes. It really does a lovely job of making your product meld into your skin, too. The color of the concealer I bought wasn’t quite right for me, but after blending with the sponge, it didn’t even matter so much because it really just worked it in there so well. This thing is small, fun to use and actually really effective.
The bad: Well, for one thing it’s a sponge that’ll run you almost $20. It sounds a little silly, but if you think of it more as a makeup brush than as a sponge, it makes more sense. Right now I feel like the price is warranted, but if this sponge needs to be replaced soon, I’ll probably change my mind about that. The second con? It’s harder to maintain than a regular brush. The sponge holds stains and should probably be cleaned every time you use it (annoying.) It also remained wet for a while, which makes it susceptible to mold and nasty things like that. As if that weren’t enough, you’re advised to clean this with the Beauty Blender brand cleanser, which will run you even more money. You should always be sure to leave this out to dry so it can air out instead of sticking it back in the packaging.
Overall, I think the Beauty Blender is definitely worth a try. I’m happy I got mine and will use it with cream blush and concealer – and I’ve found that you can even get a nice application with powder products with a BB. With that being said, I won’t be spending $20 every few months if this thing’s life span isn’t too long – but I suspect it will be since I won’t use it every day. If you love your liquid products, give this a try!
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