Reason #298 To Get Chipotle: They're Taking The GMOs Out Of Their Food

Just when we thought Chipotle had given us everything we could ever want from them by announcing a delivery service, they do this. According to USA Today, Chipotle has announced that they are removing GMOs from their food, or in simple speak, it’s way healthier. This makes the Mexican drunk food haven the first national restaurant chain to use only non-GMO ingredients.
We wish GMO at Chipotle stood for “Great Mexican Order” or something, but it’s actually an organism whose genome has been altered via genetic engineering – resulting in DNA with one or more genes that wouldn’t typically be found. Corn and many other food crops are genetically modified so that they can fight off certain diseases or improve their resistance to herbicides, but it might not be the best for your body.
“There is a lot of debate about genetically modified foods,” said Co-CEO Steve Ells in a statement. “Though many countries have already restricted or banned the use of GMO crops, it’s clear that a lot of research is still needed before we can truly understand all of the implications of widespread GMO cultivation and consumption. While that debate continues, we decided to move on non-GMO ingredients.”
Let’s not lie, we would have kept on getting Chipotle, GMO-free or not, but we will rest easy knowing that our favorite burrito joint cares about our health. We love you too, Chipotle.

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