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These Grown Ass People Waiting For The Royal Baby Are Actually Psychotic


crazy brit waiting for royal baby

Kate Middleton is due to give birth to the spare heir any day now, and some truly dedicated Brits have taken it upon themselves to camp outside the hospital where she will deliver. Just one thing – they have no idea when it’s going to happen! They’ve got tents, Union Jack-covered jackets and pants, and hopefully a warm blanket outside St. Mary’s Hospital while they wait for who knows how many days just to potential catch a glimpse of the royal family and their latest addition.

Unlike Directioners camping out for concert tickets or college kids trying to get season passes for the football games, don’t these people have jobs? Or families besides the royals? Or anyone to tell them that they look slightly ridiculous?

It seems like Kate and Prince William appreciate the support. E! reports that they sent breakfast pastries and hot drinks to the super fans, which they probably appreciate given that the temperature drops to below 40° F at night.

Royal baby watch is on.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.