WATCH: Amy Schumer Grills One Direction & Inspires Girls To Go Makeup-Free All In 3 Minutes

Amy Schumer has been on a roll lately. Every week, she comes out with hilarious video after hilarious video. Last night on Inside Amy Schumer, she did more than just make us laugh: she made fun of One Direction (all four of them) and inspired girls go show off their beauty sans makeup! And had us rolling on the floor in the process.

Before her show aired last night, Amy posted this makeup-free selfie with a friend, and asked fans to do the same. Twitter was loaded with tons of beautiful girls showing off their gorgeous faces without eyeliner, foundation, and lip gloss with the hashtag #girlyoudontneedmakeup.

In 30 mins #InsideAmy airs. Post your #girlyoudontneedmakeup photos (no makeup and tag me and #InsideAmy and I'll RT!

— Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) April 29, 2015

Why did Amy ask followers to wash their faces? Because of her sketch “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup,” a parody boy band song that mocks all pop songs, but specifically reminds us of “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Your thought process while hearing this song:

“Girl it ain’t no lie, just look deep into my eyes. You’re perfect, and I think you should know. That you don’t need no lipstick, you don’t need no blush ’cause you’ve got that inner natural glow.”

Wow, this song is awesome! No makeup! This is the type of song little girls should hear on the radio!

“Wipe it off!”

Wait, yeah, she looks pretty pale sans makeup.

“Hold up girl, we spoke too soon with this whole no makeup tune. We kinda changed our mind on the makeup thing. You’ll be the hottest girl in the nation, with just a touch of foundation, girl, I can’t be seen with the ghost from ‘The Ring.'”

Yup, that’s probably what my guy would say if he saw me without makeup.

The hilarious sketch makes fun of guys who say they like and even prefer when girls aren’t wearing makeup. They have no idea what it takes to look “natural,” now do they?! Amy nails it with the sketch (does anyone else think the song is actually super catchy…?), and kudos for inspiring so many girls to show their beauty, makeup on or off.

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