Bill Nye The Science Guy Explaining Sex Will Ruin Your Childhood

If Bill Nye was one of your childhood heroes, you might want to X out of this right now. Before this day, Bill Nye the Science Guy’s face on the screen brought me relief. It meant I wouldn’t have to sit through another grammar school science class, but instead, I got to watch a movie! Our generation would know nothing about dinosaurs, gravity, or pulleys if it wasn’t for this guy.

However, he’s never tackled the topic of sex before now…and probably for good reason. Bill Nye appeared on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast, “StarTalk,” and spoke about the evolutionary science behind the human desire to constantly bone. It’s a bit creepy to see the guy from your grade school VHS using the words like “pleasure” and eluding to being horny while standing in front of a statue of pandas going at it. And shout out to the deer orgy in the background. Let’s just hope this isn’t how teachers tackle sex ed. It’s informative, sure, but we’d rather learn about magnetism and nutrition from Mr. Nye.

Ready to have your childhood ruined? You’ve been warned.

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