Frattiest College President Ever Shows Up At “Outlawed” Rager & Tells Kids To Keep Partying

When the college president shows up at an off-campus party that was outlawed fifteen years ago, you think that the party’s over, right? In a move that will have students transferring to Quinnipiac University next year, the school’s president, John L. Lahey, took the mic at a backyard rager to say a few words.

Did he shut down the party? Did he start checking IDs? Nope, the chillest dude ever says to the massive crowd, “I want you to know, I outlawed May weekend 15 years ago, but apparently the message hasn’t gotten out,” which was met with cheers. He continued, “I love you all! Have a great weekend! Be safe!” Short of asking for a beer or doing a keg stand, he pretty much told to students to do their thing.

Locals aren’t happy (shocker), but you can bet that students are erecting statues in his honor. Check out the full speech and even a dance move from the pres below.

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