We Can’t Believe A Selfie Stick Shaped Like Human Arm Exists

Just when we thought selfies couldn’t get anymore cringe-worthy, we learn about this. If you’re embarrassed about taking all those Instagram pics alone, this selfie stick shaped like a human arm might come in handy (sorry, couldn’t resist). In theory, I guess it’s supposed to look like you’re holding the hand of a guy taking a picture of you, but I actually can’t think of anything more embarrassing.

Luckily, this isn’t a real thing. It was created as an art piece by Aric Snee and Justin Crowe who were “fascinated by the idea of technology and its illusionary ‘connectedness’ and ‘sociableness’” according to Designboom. The project is a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, need for narcissistic internet validation.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have been shocked if this was real, but we’re extremely grateful that it’s not.

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