WATCH! Zac Efron Rocking A Crop Top & Wearing Briefs

Zac Efron has been seen walking down the street in some pretty hot outfits, we must say.

The reason for these crazy outfits is Zac’s filming for the movie Bad Grandpa alongside Robert DeNiro.

This week we saw Zac rocking a Hakuna Matata fringe crop top with a serious cut on his face, but still looking hot as always. I mean as long as we can see his abs, he can wear whatever he wants.


And when we thought we wouldn’t get more excited to watch this movie, pictures of Efron wearing nothing but nude briefs emerge while he filmed a scene for the movie set to hit theaters in August 2016.

Zac-butt-shot-042815 1430242709_zac-efron-467

Doesn’t this look like the best movie ever just because of him wearing those briefs?!

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