Another 'Game Of Thrones' Body Double Is An Absolute Hunk

Emilia Clarke’s body double for her Game of Thrones, Rosie Mac, has been making waves recently. It’s easy to see why – she’s absolutely stunning, just like Emilia! After a few websites took notice of the beauty, she practically broke the internet. But we’ve found that there’s another Game of Thrones body double worth noticing – Ignacio Blanco, the official double for Daario Naharis.
The character of Daario Naharis might not have been a major character in previous seasons, but he’s definitely someone to look out for in season five. As fans know, Michiel Huisman now plays the character, taking over for Ed Skrein who played him in season three briefly. And while Michiel gets the credit, where would he be without his gorgeous body double?
Ignacio is a native of Spain, and aside from his work on Game of Thrones, he’s a runway and fashion model. Take a look at his sexy pictures, including some shots from behind the scenes of the HBO hit, and try to spot him on GoT this season.

Want more? Check out Ignacio’s Instagram here.

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