YouTube Star Reveals She Has Two Vaginas: "I Guess I'm Twice the Woman I Thought I Was"

YouTube vlogger Cassandra Bankson is used to talking about makeup. The model has shared her beauty tricks with her one million followers on her channel DiamondsAndHeels14 for years, showing how she covers her acne flawlessly. She’s also shared her experience as a victim of bullying. However, now she’s opening about another personal issue – a rare health condition that gives Cassandra two vaginas, two wombs, and two cervixes.

When the 22 year old went to the doctor complaining of back pain and underwent an ultrasound, MRI, and blood tests to find out what was wrong. Following the ultrasound, her doctor suggested she might only have one kidney – a diagnosis that was confirmed by an MRI scan. The doctor was right about the one kidney, but the scan also revealed that she has a rare condition called uterus didelphys, also known as double uterus, and occurs because the uterus starts out as two small tubes in the womb. There is one vaginal opening but inside there are two vaginas, two uteri, two cervixes. Cassandra explains the condition as resembling “an upside nose.”

There were some clues pointing to Cassandra’s condition growing up. She would have two periods every month or have much longer than normal periods. She also suffered painful cramps. Watch Cassandra bravely talk about her condition below.


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