10 Signs You’re A Real Life Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri, the titular character on Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project (there’s a lot of “Mindy” in that sentence) is basically the best thing to happen to TV since Zack Morris. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s awkward as hell and she’s actually relatable. I think most girls see a bit of themselves in Mindy – whether it’s in her penchant for eating ice cream or her romantic misfortunes – but if most of these apply to you, chances are you’re more Mindy than most.


1. You think black clothes are for funerals only.

Bring on the hot pink polka dots!

2. You have a reputation for being a bit of a ditz.

…But you’re actually a straight A student.

mindy lahiri

3. You aren’t above snooping through your guy’s things.

You trust him, you’re just…curious.

4. You’ve been inappropriately drunk at a formal event

More than once.


5. You would totally wear a big ass bow on your head.

You’re all for statement accessories.

6. You’ve done some crazy things for love.

Real crazy.dw

7. You would take Us Weekly over Time.

Any day.

8. Kris Jenner is your spirit animal.

Because duh.


9. You would rather die than diet.



10. You often have steak in your teeth.

The struggle.


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