21 Things You Can Totally Do On Your 21st Birthday

Your birthday = the day you are a queen for the day. And since your 21st birthday is arguably the most important one you’ll hit, the whole “queen for the day” thing is even more applicable. This means you’re virtually blameless for anything you can (and will) do on your big day. While some of these behaviors may be big no-nos generally speaking, on your 21st, they totally fly.

1. Start the party early.

So your birthday falls on a Wednesday. Does that mean you should have to skip that mimosa at lunch? Hell, no.

2. Wear heels to class.

Ignore all those weird looks, girl. You do you.

3. Eat cake for breakfast.

(Side note: I happen to think this is always acceptable behavior.)

4. Make every meal a cheat meal.

Who cares if you already had a cheat day this week? IT’S A SPECIAL OCCASION, OKAY?

5. Pay a stupidly high cover charge.

Money ain’t a thang on your birthday. Okay, it is. But $20 to get into a super hot club is okay just this once.

6. Stand on the street crying for no reason at 3 am.

Not cute under 99% of circumstances, but we’ll let it slide on your 21st.

7. Rock bold eyes and bold lips.

Red lipstick and a smokey eye? Sure, why not?

8. Wear head to toe sequins.

H to T.

9. Have a drink before class.

Just don’t be too obvious about it and you’re good.


10. Wear a tutu out at night.

Make it werq.

11. Request that “Go girl, it’s your birthday” song over and over.

I mean, every bar you go to should probably just start playing it the minute you walk in the room.

12. Insist upon ordering dessert at dinner.

Who cares if everyone else is “soooooo full?”

12. Call your ex.


14. Get your hair professionally done.

Even though you could probably just get your roomie to curl it or whatever.

15. Wear a tiara.

Over the top? Maybe. But when else will you get the chance to do it?
birthday tiara gossip girl

16. Insist that the bouncer check your ID very thoroughly.

Whatever, everyone in line behind can wait an extra 30 seconds.

17. Drag your friends to every bar.

Because that whole “I just got in here legally” thing doesn’t get old.

18. Creep on every cute boy you meet that night.

Let ’em judge. You’re 21.
wink j law

19. Buy yourself something spendy.


20. Introduce yourself to everyone as “the birthday girl.”

They need to know!

21. Whatever the hell you want.

Just don’t lose any friends or wind up in the hospital or get arrested.giphy

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