7 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Is Our #SpiritAnimal

Chrissy Teigen is everything. She’s hilarious, she’s cool, she’s nice, she’s gorgeous, and she can eat. She even replied to me on Instagram one time! She’s sort of the idol for other fun-loving women and here’s why.

1. She loves food.

Check her Instagram if you don’t believe me. No unrealistic model diet here.

2. She refuses to play into unrealistic standards of beauty.

Four for you, Chrissy.

3. She has #nofilter.

Girl says what’s on her mind.

4. She has hustle.

Her list of projects is seriously impressive.

5. She inspired our favorite love song.

We’re talking about “All Of Me,” duh.

mgid-uma-image-mtv.com-99465576. She can cook her face off.

Check her blog for inspo.

7. She can make fun of herself.

And it’s awesome!
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