Quidditch Pong: The Drinking Game All The Upperclassman At Hogwarts Play

Beer pong just got a magically wonderful upgrade. Some geniuses who are equally obsessed with Harry Potter and beer came up with a drinking game that is half pong and half Quidditch.
In order to play, you’ll need to buy (or cast a spell for) Quidditch hoops, Quidditch bats, and a golden snitch. You’ll also need six willing participants and beer, of course. Split into two teams of three and pick a house. Each house has special spells they can cast during the game, like Crucio, where all your opponents must take trick shots for one round. Check out all the team advantages here.  Teams must also designate a Beater and Seeker.
Set up the table as you would if you were playing regular beer pong — 10 cups arranged in a pyramid formation on opposite sides of the table. In the center of the table, place the three Quidditch rings side by side.
quidditch pong
You can shoot like a normal beer pong game, or if you get it through the hoop, the ball can be defended by the other team’s beater. However, if you make a shot through a hoop, two cups are removed.
In addition to the ten cups, you’ll need a Snitch Cup. The Snitch Cup should be placed away from the table at a distance that is difficult, but not impossible to make. Like regular Quidditch, if someone makes a shot into the Snitch Cup, their team wins.
This weekend’s frat party just got a little more interesting. Check out all the “unofficial” rules and buy your own set here!

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