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15 Schools With The Coolest Graduation Speakers Of 2015


Stephen Colbert

I went to a small state school in New Jersey (sup, TCNJ), so my graduation ceremony was comprised mostly of boring, generic speeches by professors I never had and people that weren’t important to me (or anyone there, I’m fairly certain). During our senior week, we did get Coach Herman Boone from Remember the Titans – no, not Denzel Washington, the real guy. It was pretty cool, especially when he told us all the things the movie exaggerated and the entire auditorium started chanting, “Left side, strong side.”

Coolest commencement speaker? Probably not, but stars like Will Ferrell at Harvard, Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane, and even President Obama have imparted their wisdom on the graduating class. Looks like a bunch of 2015 college grads will be treated to some of the top celebrities and most influential people alive today. We probably would have actually listened instead of taking Snapchat selfies and trying to sip from our flasks if these people were speaking at our ceremonies.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.