David Beckham Is Finally On Instagram & It's As Glorious As You Hoped

I thought I was late to the Instagram game, and I joined St. Patrick’s Day 2013 (mainly because I had a picture of green beer and thought it was awesome). One hundred and fifty posts later, I’m somewhat addicted. For all Instagram fanatics like me, I’d like to propose that May 2 be declared a social media holiday because less than one week ago, David Beckham finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. And it’s everything.┬áHe’s already posted 15 times in just five days, so we’re thinking Mr. Posh Spice is already hooked like the rest of us. And from the looks of his selfies, puppy pics, and food porn, he’s got it completely nailed the whole Insta-thing. Take a look at the variety (and sexiness) of his posts so far (and join his army of 5.5 million followers at @DavidBeckham).

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