10 Lessons From Mom That Turned Out To Be True

I’m pretty sure there were a couple years in middle school and into high school where being with my parents felt like punishment. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends because when things weren’t going great, the last person I needed advice from was my mom. What did she understand about being 14? I would forget that she was a teenager once too and had likely been through some variation of everything I did. Whether it was solicited or not, some of her advice turned out to be very true…I just didn’t realize it until I became an adult too.

1. “Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

In middle school and high school, being popular is everything. As an adult, you understand that having two true friends beats the hell out of pretending to enjoy the company of the “cool kids.” You also realize being unique, whether that meant wearing obscure clothing brands, listening to lesser known music, or playing on the softball team, is way more fun than just doing what everyone else is.

2. “You can’t go looking for love.”

Then when it is going to come? At 16 or 17, all you want is validation from a guy you like. However, confidence comes from doing things on your own, like going to a party where you don’t know anyone or moving to a new state for college. When you least expect it, love comes looking for you.

3. “You don’t need all that makeup.”

Looking back on some of those pictures, I definitely could have benefitted from laying off the eyeliner.

4. “You’ll get through it.”

When a guy you liked got a different girlfriend or a friend moved away, you pretty much wanted to crawl into a hole and lay in fetal position until you decayed. But mom made you get dressed and go to school and pretend everything was okay. Everything was not okay, it did not even remotely resemble okay, but eventually, the bad feelings wore off and somehow survived.

5. “Don’t wish time away.”

How many times did you say, “I can’t wait to be done with high school” or “I’m so ready to graduate college”? Once you’re in the real world, you’d give anything for a little more time there. You want to go back and not skip that night out to sleep or say that dance was dumb.

6. “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.”

There’s a time and place to be sassy and assertive, but more often than not, playing nice will get you better results. Once you try the politeness route, you’ll definitely be a proponent of this age-old saying.

7. “Nothing good ever happens after 3 am.”

There’s nothing wrong with a night out, but as much as I hate to admit it, things usually go downhill around 3 in the morning in some way or another. Either you drank too much, you’re stuck taking care of someone else who did, or you start to make bad decisions. Unless you’re having a sleepover with your girls, call it a night before things get hairy.

8. “Save your money.”

It’s easy to run to Forever 21 with your summer job paycheck, which turns into heading to the bar on Friday of pay week after work. Then your car breaks down and you’re looking at single digits in your bank account while your mom’s voice rings in your head.

9. “He doesn’t deserve you.”

He might seem like the greatest guy in the world to you, but if Mama openly doesn’t approve, you probably have a little reason to worry. She sees something you don’t.

10. “I just don’t like her.”

Sometimes we make friends out of convenience or desperation, but they always ended up being the ones that stole our boyfriends, backstabbed, and spread nasty rumors. Every. Time. Like, how did she know?!

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