Phi Sigma Sigma Member Being Sued For Leaking Sorority's Secret Rituals

Every sorority girl knows that even if you think rituals like a secret handshake or oath are kind of silly, you don’t tell anyone outside the organization. And you especially don’t reveal them to a public online forum. Well, one member of Phi Sigma Sigma did just that, and now the national sorority is suing her for violating her contract with the organization, according to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
The Phi Sigma Sigma sister, named as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, posted on the website Penny Arcade under the handle “stepscloser.” In a post from November 2011, she spills tons of insider info on the sorority’s traditions including their secret handshake, knock, initiation rituals, and oath. She even revealed their secret name and admitted “this is never written down or recorded (until now) because it is so “sacred”.”
Phi Sigma Sigma attorney, Karin Jones, talked about the ordeal saying, “The defendant knew that the information that she was posting had not been publicly disclosed and would damage.” Phi Sigma Sigma’s lawyers had first contacted Penny Arcade and demanded the post be taken down, but the site refused. The sorority has apparently not served the member with the lawsuit, and no specific monetary amount has been listed. It’s possible that the sorority might subpoena web records from Penny Arcade to identify the poster. If the civil suit proceeds, it will go to trial in May of next year.
As a sorority member, I have to say this is the opposite of cool. For close to 120 years, my sorority’s traditions have been for members’ eyes only, and who I am to just leak that info on the internet for everyone to see? Sure, it’s just a handshake or a few recited words, but they’re special to members. I didn’t even tell my biological sister these things before her initiation, and if she hadn’t decided to join the same sorority, I never would have. To her, it would have just been a silly color or knock, but for me, it represents an element of my sisterhood.
It’s unclear from the reports if the Jane Doe dropped her letters at some point or if she’s an alumna who just didn’t think the info was important enough to keep quiet. Either way, come May 2016, she may have to pay for it.

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