5 Memorial Day Weekend Plans, No Flights Required

Memorial Day is the perfect time to plan a getaway – it’s the long weekend, you’ve probably just finished stressful finals and it marks the unofficial start of summer, which is definitely worth celebrating.
With that being said, as much as we would all love to jet off to Cancun or Tulum or hell, even Vegas, the fact remains: Funds can be tight and airfare can be expensive (especially during holiday weekends.)
What’s a girl to do? Plan a fun holiday weekend….but make it one that doesn’t require a pricey plane ride. These five alternatives are just as fun (and you can use the money you saved by not flying to treat yourself to a cute new outfit.)

1. A road trip

It’s an obvious solution because it’s a good one. Round up a few friends and drive to whichever location seems fun to your crew. Once you’re there, keep costs down by splitting a hotel room among everyone (who needs comfort when you can have fun?) or staying with another friend. This is best when you have a big group because gas and lodging costs are super low when split multiple ways.

2. A friend staycation

Choose one friend – or two friends who happen to live together – and politely suggest they house everyone at their place for a staycation weekend. This turns the weekend into a nonstop party filled with lots of booze, plenty of snacks and very little sleep.

3. An amusement park weekend

You don’t need an exciting flight or a fancy hotel to have fun. You just need some good friends, a lot of sunshine and something to look forward to. Channel your childhood by driving down to the nearest amusement park and spend part of the weekend riding roller coasters, eating cotton candy and just being silly and fun.

4. A spa day

If you’re able to get a little spendy over the weekend, consider scheduling a spa day. If you’ve been feeling stressed, a long, leisurely day at a nice day spa may be exactly what you need. Get a massage, have your nails done and lounge in a sauna. I mean, really, how good does that sound?

5. A romantic getaway

If you and your boo both live with roommates, chances are you get very little time alone together. That’s why planning a weekend for the two of you makes sense – you don’t even have to travel to make it worthwhile. Simply check into a hotel, even if it’s just one right in the same city as you live.

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