Prince Harry Says He Wants Kids (And We're Booking Flights To England)

Prince Harry might be more well known for his Las Vegas partying habits than his commitment to ladies, but it looks like his playboy days may soon be over. Given that older bro Prince William and the impeccable Kate Middleton just welcomed the spare heir (who should bond well with Uncle Harry as the younger sibling), babies are on the brain, and in an interview with Sky News in New Zealand, Prince Harry admitted he’s ready for kids.
The ginger stallion (everyone calls him that right? No? Just me?) said, “Of course, I would love to have kids right now, but there’s a process that one has to go through.”
I’ve been well aware of that process since about fifth grade, and I volunteer as tribute, Harry. The Prince also said he wouldn’t mind having a special someone by his side through his tours to share the burden of being in the spotlight. Again, raising my hand as high as a eager first grader when the teacher asks, “Who is ready for recess?”
Here are my qualifications:
– I am willing to travel the world as necessary.
– I am actually kind of into gingers.
– I love having my picture taken.
– I think Kate and I would get along really well when you need bro time.
– I’ve only been talking about this my whole life.
Maybe Harry will realize he needs to get a move on once he finally meets Princess Charlotte. Harry was out of the country on royal duty when his new niece arrived, and he’s seen some pictures, but maybe she’ll give him the push he needs to marry me. He said, “I’m so looking forward to seeing her, to meeting her and to holding her.”
Right now, it doesn’t seem like the royal is dating anyone. There were those rumors that he was dating Emma Watson (aka the only girl I wouldn’t fight for him because they’d be the ultimate celeb couple) back in February, but since breaking up with longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas last year, nada.
Patiently waiting, Harry. You’re not going to be 30 forever. You can see the full interview below.

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