WATCH: Everything You Should Know About Adderall Before Taking It In 3 Minutes

If you haven’t taken Adderall yourself, you probably know someone that has. The drug is not uncommon on college campuses, especially around finals time when people are really trying to get sh*t done. But before you take it simply because your roommate’s friend promises you’ll get through that 30 page paper in no time, you might want to have a clue as to how it effects your brain.

Through this informative video from Reactions, get a glimpse at the drug’s history and find out why people with conditions like ADHD use it.


So is it safe? The obvious answer is that unless you have a prescription from a doctor, you shouldn’t be taking it. If you ignore us and do decide to use it, never mix it with other drugs or alcohol. Between 2005 and 2010, emergency room visits related to ADHD stimulant medications used non-medically tripled from 5,212 to 15,585 visits. In young adults, the number almost quadrupled. Nearly half of these visits were due to mixing ADHD drugs with other drugs or alcohol.

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