Our 'Dancing With The Stars' Predictions: Who Will Win The Anniversary Season?

If you tuned in to the most recent results show episode of Dancing With the Stars, you know that the episode culminated with one of the biggest shockers we’ve seen this season: Derek Hough, who has won more mirror balls than anyone on the show, and his partner, gymnast Nastia Liukin, were given the boot.
It’s almost impossible to predict what will happen on a show like DWTS – case in point: Nastia and Derek followed up a night where they earned two perfect scores and a whole season of leading the competition by going home. Still, we think this competition is worth evaluating ahead of the finale – without further ado, here’s our breakdown of the remaining contestants and their odds.

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess:

The army vet is definitely the weakest dancer of the remaining contestants but he does have the inspirational story – and anyone who watches Dancing With the Stars knows that that can take a contestant all the way. He also upped the ante by proposing to his now-fiancee onscreen.
Pros: He is an inspiration, an American hero and he clearly has an incredible amount of discipline and determination. He’s missing an arm and a leg but he still pushes himself to do all the things everyone else is doing. Also, it must be said: Abs.
Cons: He’s not a dancer. His dances are always exciting to watch but they don’t sparkle the way some of the other dances do. He also doesn’t seem to want the mirrorball as badly as some other stars do.

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker:

Riker & Allison wk02 8
The pop star (star is a loose term because I didn’t really know who he was prior to the show) absolutely belongs in the final. Boy can dance. I would say that in many ways he’s the strongest performer of the competition – he really works the stage like a pro. The contemporary routine he and Allison Holker pulled out on the last performance episode was incredible.
Pros: He’s a great dancer and a fantastic performer who has tons of range and energy. He also has a sweet, goofy personality and he can take on anything from an emotional contemporary dance to a high-energy jive.
Cons: He doesn’t have the big emotional story that most DWTS champs have. I feel like we haven’t really had a chance to see who this guy is.

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy:

Rumer & Val wk02 3
Demi and Bruce’s daughter has been leading the pack since day one – she’s an amazing dancer, she clearly wants to win, and she has a great connection with her partner.
Pros: She’s super likeable and unlike Riker, she’s shown vulnerability on the show. She’s been a frontrunner since her very first dance.
Cons: She seems a bit more intense than the other competitors, which is generally a good thing….but it could end up getting in the way of her ability to take the pressure of the finale in stride.
Overall, our prediction for the win is…..
RUMER & VAL. These two have passion in spades and a chemistry that really outshines everyone else’s – and it’s not the okay-they’re-totally-doing-it sort of chemistry that Val had with Janel Parrish, his partner from last season, it’s the wow-these-two-want-to-win-so-badly-and-truly-respect-and-admire-one-another sort of chemistry. Rumer seems to want the win more than anyone else and they seem to have a great following. Val always seems to get *thisclose* to the win and hopefully this will be his year. #TeamValenRue, y’all! Let’s do this.

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