10 Majors We Wish Existed Right Around Finals Time

There are some pretty crazy classes out there in Collegeland. Case in point, “Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé” is a real course at Rutgers University. Turns out, there’s some pretty crazy majors too. If you head over to Mississippi State University, you can get a degree in Floral Management, or maybe your interest lie in Nannying, which you can major in at Sullivan University. However, school would have been even more great if we could major in some of our real passions. We know we’d ace these finals.

1. Netflix

i just love television so much
The final would consist of binge watching New Girl while the rest of your friends tear their hair out doing papers and studying for exams. Extra credit is awarded to those who can navigate through the crappy movies nobody wants to watch.
Required Course: Orange Is the New Black: Comedy, Drama, or Dramedy?

2. Pizza

beyonce pizza
It’s a college staple, so why shouldn’t it be a major? What did Papa John get his degree in?
Required Course: Crust 101: Thin Vs. Thick

3. Napping

2 naps per day
Sleeping sounds like a lazy major, but naps are actually a science. Too short and you don’t feel any better, but too long and you can’t sleep at night.
Required Course: Bench To Bar: How To Nap Anywhere

4. Social Media Stalking

social media stalking
Graduates in this degree can look forward to careers in the FBI, where they are hired as specialists who track wanted criminals through their Instagram activities. These majors can also make some money on the side by freelancing for jealous ex-girlfriends.
Required Course: You Say He’s Just A Friend: How To Tell If He Likes You From Facebook Posts

5. Flirting

Finally a skill that translates outside the classroom. It’s not an MRS degree, but it can certainly turn into one if you ace all your classes and apply your knowledge to the bar scene.
Required Course: Online Dating: Crafting The Perfect Opening Message

6. Cuddling

Most of these classes will involve a partner.
Required Course: Advanced Spooning

7. 90’s Nostalgia

saved by the bell
A division of the history department, we need people to document what is arguably the best decade ever to exist. From the pop culture to the trends, we’d love to spend our classes reminiscing on our childhoods.
Required Course: VH1 I Love The 90’s: What Did They Miss?

8. Texting

This girl-heavy major (with a few guys desperate to impress their gfs scattered in classes) would be a part of the communications department. If journalism is a worthy major, why not get a degree in the field that you use every day?
Required Course: Emojis: Meanings & Usage

9. The Kardashians

It’s not for everyone, but since they’re the biggest family in Hollywood right now and everyone’s trying to keep up with them anyway, why not major in the Kardashian Klan? You can even specialize in Kendall and Kylie Jenner. There’s no doubt classes on their effect on pop culture, but these majors would have a good shot at a job at E!
Required Course: The Kardashian Men: Where’s Rob?

10. Beer Making

beer girl
Oh wait, you can actually do that.

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