H&M Launches Massive Cosmetics Line (700 Products To Be Exact)

Coming this fall, H&M is going to be your go-to beauty destination. That’s right, the fashion retailer just launched it’s own cosmetics line- which includes 700 products. (Hooray!)


The company is already a go-to store for guys and girls for pretty much everything. The brand collaborates with designers such as Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant to create fashion-forward looks on the cheap.  Even David Beckham has a line and wears H&M’s underwear. (I’ll let you fantasize about that for a moment). Fun fact, H&M creates red carpet-worthy gowns worn by the likes of Kate Mara, Solange Knowles, Helen Hunt, and Sarah Jessica Parker (who stunned in the label this year’s Met Gala).

The line will replace all those products you see taunting you as you wait in line to pay. Instead, there will be a premium line an eco-friendly Conscious line that will include makeup, hair care, body care, beauty tools, and nail polish.


In a press release, Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty said, “We are very excited to offer ‘fashion for the face.'” I’ve never heard makeup described this way, but I’m into it.

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