Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova Releases New Photos, Looks Terrifying

If creepy dolls give you nightmares, you might want to run the other direction. Valeria Lukyanova, better known as the human barbie doll, did a new spring photoshoot showing off her extreme figure. And the results are pretty scary.

The 29-year-old Ukrainian model first earned recognition after proclaiming she wanted resemble the popular toy. Her latest photos prove she’s already accomplished her dreams and thus probably has nothing else to live for.

Lukyanova follows a strict diet and workout regiment to keep her waist shrinking and has also sworn off smoking and drinking. However, the blonde model denies she had any surgical enhancements, aside from her breasts. So…she just looks like an anime doll naturally. Good.

Check out her full shoot below. And no, it’s not computer generated.

While she definitely looks more doll than human in her photos, Lukyanova looks a lot more realistic in this video. And girl obviously works hard on that figure.

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