The Ultimate 'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Drinking Game

It was Britt vs. Kaitlyn in a sure to be crazy season of The Bachelorettebut Kaitlyn came out victorious (even though Britt isn’t complaining about her outcome either). She might have been rejected by Chris Soules, but we have a feeling that Kaitlyn is going to make the most of this new opportunity and make season 11 one of the best ever (although anything will beat Andi’s snoozefest season). And what’s the best way to make The Bachelorette interesting? Alcohol, of course. That’s what they do on the show, so that’s what you should do watching it at home. Who cares if it’s Monday? Get out the Merlot and use this handy drinking game to keep you entertained all season long.*
*We’ll update this list according to how the season goes!
the bachelorette drinking game

Take a sip when…

– Something gets beeped or blurred.
– We get an update on Brady and Britt.
– Someone says “here for the right/wrong reasons.”
– A guy gives the Bachelorette a hug.
– There’s a celebrity guest appearance.

Take two drinks when…

– Host Chris Harrison uses the word “dramatic.”

– There’s a shot of someone looking into the distance at nothing in particular.

– Someone says “husband” or “wife.”

– Kaitlyn’s hyena laugh comes out.

– A guy takes his shirt off.

– Make out sesh occurs.

– Shawn refers to Nick as “the other guy.”

Finish your drink if…

– Kaitlyn says, “My husband is in this room”

– A contestant eliminates himself.

– Nick or Shawn propose.

– Kaitlyn chooses neither of the guys in the finale.

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