Sticky Situation: Your Blind Date Looks Nothing Like His Pictures

There’s nothing wrong with dating a guy from Tinder or OkCupid. Seriously – it’s 2015, and how else are you supposed to meet new faces in a sea of the same people on campus every day? But you’ve all heard the horror stories – you finally work up the courage to grab dinner with that cool guy you’ve been chatting with for a few weeks, but you barely recognize the guy who is waving to you across the bar. The guy looks nothing like his photos. Hey, dont’ worry – the show Catfish didn’t evolve because it only happened once.
When a guy doesn’t resemble his pictures, usually one of two things has happened. Either he used another person’s pictures, whether they truly belong to someone he knows or it’s a total stranger, or the pics are actually of him, but they’re old or he selected his absolutely most flattering photos ever. IMO, one is way worse than the other.
Using another person’s pictures is almost like stealing their identity, which is an issue in itself. These guys are completely aware that you are going to realize they were catfishing, and that you’re probably going to say something. They’ve probably rehearsed in their heads what they’re going to say to “You don’t really look like your pictures,” and if I were in this situation, I’d call them out. I’d also hear what they had to say, but someone who uses another’s image might have some issues, whether that be lack of confidence or just likes playing games. Maybe he’s just in it for the story, but he’s not worth your time. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, trust your gut and peace out.
On the other hand, maybe he has a legitimate reason. I can’t think of one that would warrant me sticking around for very long, but who knows – every situation is different.
The more common scenario is when a person uses pictures that are a few years old, before they got a haircut, or when they were twenty pounds lighter. Heck, they could just be in really great lighting or the photo was taken at a good angle. You can’t blame a guy for trying to create a good first impression – didn’t you choose pictures where your hair and makeup look particularly on point? No need to call Nev and Max here.
In this situation, don’t call attention to the fact that he looks somehow different. It’s still the same guy who caught your attention through messages, so see how the date goes. If it really bothers you that his appearance IRL isn’t as gorgeous, maybe online dating isn’t the way to go – expectations can be set really high off six great pictures. Get to know him and he might seem even more attractive when his personality shines through.
catfish nev max

How to avoid this situation:

– Friend him on Facebook or Instagram before you meet up. You’ll be able to see a wider range of photos, including recent ones.
– Be realistic. Not every photo of you would go up on a dating site either.
– If something like height is a deal breaker for you, ask him before you hang out. That way, you won’t waste his time or yours.
– Be aware of the pictures the guy uses on his profile. If they’re all selfies or all with sunglasses on, you really don’t have a good idea of what he looks like.
– This goes for any new person you meet, but always plan your first encounter in a public spot. If the guy is nothing like what they seemed online, get out of the situation.

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