New Dating App… or Fun Game?

Last week the Season 26 finale of The Amazing Race aired on CBS. This season brought a refreshing element by making it so half the contestants paired together were meeting for the first time… on a blind date.
Dating is hard. Blind dates are even harder. But having a blind date with someone where, if it doesn’t work out, you’re still forced to trust and rely on this person for 21 days while racing around the world? Yikes.
“TeamSoCal”—Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson—having nothing in common except where they are from, ended up winning the race. Maybe this is due in large part to the fact that Tyler Adams knows a thing or two about incorporating fun and games into building a personal connection. Adams also happens to be the Co-Founder of the recently launched dating app 2 Truths.
Just because I was curious (and definitely not because I, like, care about getting a boyfriend or am concerned everyone I know is starting to get engaged, and definitely not because last week I had a nightmare I died alone in my apartment with 9 cats… nothing like that), I downloaded the app—and was pleasantly surprised.
Dating apps can be a bit frustrating. From the superficial nature of judging someone based on their pictures, to getting matched but never getting past the initial “Hey, how are you?” (or cheesy pick up line), they can start to feel a little futile. Especially if a conversation doesn’t start, or a date never comes out of it. It makes you quick to write off the app as ineffective… hence deleting and re-downloading Tinder 12 times in the past year. (No? Just me?)
2 Truths has a lot of the same features as popular dating apps like Tinder; it links to your Facebook account, lets you choose which photos of you people see, and you can choose to “like” or “reject” someone anonymously. But the unique appeal is that you also enter two facts (or “truths”) about your life (example: I have 7 siblings, I have lived in Hawaii, I can’t sleep with socks on, etc.—something fun and/or interesting), as well as one lie.
Because of this differentiator, 2 Truths brings a new and much-needed element to dating apps: a playful game-like operation that simultaneously allows you to get to know someone and, if matched, have an automatic conversation starter.
“We’re turning that awkward first impression into a fun game,” said Adams. “Even if it doesn’t end up being romantic, you still have the opportunity to create a meaningful connection.”
Considering the fact that winning The Amazing Race—with a partner you were set up on a blind date with nonetheless—is no small accomplishment, we assume the 2 Truths dating app will really take off in the next few months. And hey, if it doesn’t work for you, you can always delete it (and re-download it whenever you’re feeling lonely, like you do with Tinder)… right?

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