Matthew McConaughey UH Grad Speech: 10 Quotes & Lessons

Robe? Check. Cap? Check. Tassle? Check Tissues? Check.
$140,000 Commencement speaker? Wait What?!
Nope, there is no typo, you read that right. $140,000. That is how much the University of Houston paid to have actor give the commencement speech for graduation.
The actor who is also known for his rambling and strangely philosophical Lincoln commercial took to the stage and spoke to 40,000 students and their parents. And while he tried to impart some “words of the wise” to the students, people still couldn’t get over the over all total for his appearance.
Speech-$135,000. Travel – $9,500 . Hotel – $500 per night
Your face after reading this? Priceless. At least we know where our tuition is going. (That totally was sarcasm)
Being that McConaughey is worth $75 million he is donating the money that he received to his foundation: the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation.
Even though Matthew McConaughey‘s speech was SUPER expensive, his speech was not only intriguing, but enlightening.
Here are the top 10 bizarre and valuable things we learned:
1) Don’t be happy, have joy.

“If happiness is what you’re after, then you are going to be let down frequently and be unhappy much of your time. Joy, though, is something else. It���s not a choice, not a response to some result, it is a constant. Joy is ‘the feeling we have from doing what we are fashioned to do,’ no matter the outcome.”

2) Feel Alone

“An honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind, and when you lay down on the pillow at night, no matter who’s in our bed we ALL sleep alone.”

3) …Meaning hold yourself accountable to your own personal standards. 

“They’re secrets with yourself, private council, personal protocols, and while nobody throws you a party when you abide by them, no one will arrest you when you break them either.”

4) Know your wolves and feed them accordingly

“Let’s admit it, we all got two wolves in us, a good one and a bad one, you know what I’m talking about — and they BOTH wanna eat… We just gotta feed that good wolf a little more than the other one.”

5) Crumb’s are the enemy

“You slept around on your spouse and you just found out that tomorrow, she and the lady you’re having an affair with, are going to be at the same PTA meeting…shit again… You drank too much last night and you’re too hungover to drive your son to his 8 a.m. Saturday morning baseball practice. THESE ARE CRUMBS!”

6) Stop saying the word unbelievable, you god [email protected]*# tricky mammals!!

“NOTHING we homosapien earthlings do is unbelievable — one thing you can depend on people being…is people. So we shouldn’t be surprised, we are the trickiest mammal walking the planet!! (It ain’t the monkeys I’m worried about, it’s you and me.)”

7) If pursuing acting, consider being Matthew McConaughey.

“In 1992, I got my first job as an actor. Three lines, three days work, in a film called Dazed and Confused. Alright.

Alright, Alright, Alright.

The director, Richard Linklater, kept inviting me back to set each night, putting me in more scenes which led to more lines all of which I happily said YES to. I was having a blast. People said I was good at it, they were writing me a check for $325 a day. I mean hell yeah, give me more scenes, I love this!! And by the end of the shoot those 3 lines had turned into over 3 weeks work and “it was Wooderson’s ’70 Chevelle we went to get Aerosmith tickets in.” Bad ass.”

8) Hey–Houston remember when your old NFL team blew a giant lead and lost a big game?

January 3, 1993. NFL playoffs. Your Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills. Oilers up 28–3 at halftime, 35–3 early in the 3rd. Frank Reich and the Bills come back to win 41–38 in overtime for one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. Yeah, the Bills won, but they didn’t really beat the Oilers. The Oilers lost that game, they beat themselves.

9) His point is DIE ROOFS DIE!!!


10) In all seriousness, live the best life you possibly can.

“So while we’re here, let’s make it a place where we break a sweat, where we believe, where we enjoy the process of succeeding in the places and ways we are fashioned to. Where we don’t have to look over our shoulder because we are too busy doing what we’re good at. Voluntarily keeping our own council because we WANT to. Traveling towards immortal finish lines. We write our book. Overcome our fears. We make friends with ourselves.”

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