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5 Type Of People You’ll See At A Music Festival



This past weekend we attended the Neon Desert Music Festival in the borderland city of El Paso, Texas. And while we were having the time of our lives, we noticed certain patterns on the people that went to the festival, to the people that attend any other festival.

The list below will show you how the type of people you will always see at any music festival.

1. Fashion Enthusiasts


These kind of people are the ones that are always trying to make a statement-fashion wise

Girls are either wearing crop tops with high waisted jean shorts with a crown of flowers in their head or with gold/silver temporary tattoos, or whatever Vanessa Hudgens has wore to any music festival applies here.

While guys are rocking jeans with combat boots and a denim shirt layered with any normal tee or tank top.


2. Instagram or social media addicts


You will see these kind of people either on the charging boot waiting anxiously for their phone to charge or while you are enjoying the artist playing at that moment, they are watching the set through their phone’s screen while they record it to upload it later to Facebook or Instagram.


3. “Just here for the booze” kinda of people


These kind of people are not here for the music, in fact they don’t even know who is playing, they are just at the festival to drink. They don’t care to wait in those long lines, as long as they get their drink on, and by the end of the night you might see them stumbling and getting overly excited when they see someone they know.

4. The festival obsessed fan


These kind of people are the ones you will see at the merch section of the festival, spending their money on shirts or any festival memorabilia you can imagine. You can tell they are fans of the festival because they are proud to wear it!


5. The “Only here for the music” kind of people


These people have already planned their schedule so they don’t miss any of the bands and they are willing to wait in the front of the stage so they don’t miss any of the action. They are focused on the music and that is it, that they barely take a break to see the other stuff the festivals has to offer.

I am a bilingual writer that lives between two cultures and I love it!