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10 Struggles All Shoe Addicts Understand



If you’re obsessed with footwear, you’ve probably experienced most of these struggles at one point in time or another. The only upside? You’re not alone.

1. You literally have to lie to people about how much you paid for your

Because non-shoe addicts just don’t get it.

2. You will never find a closet big enough for your whole collection.

sex and the city carrie shoes

Pro tip: Find an apartment with high shelves and stack your boxes on them. Also, have a stepladder handy.

3. You’re always desperately in need of jeans/dresses/tees/shorts.

nothing to wear

Because you blow your whole fashion budget on shoes.

4. You think flats are incredibly uncomfortable.

ew emma stone

These feet were made for heels, baby.

5. You plan your outfits around your shoes.


Which means you always wear plain black outfits so they can be the focal point.

6. You die on the inside when you spot a scuff mark.

oh no tina fey

Why does something so beautiful have to live on the ground 24/7?!?!

7. You constantly get judged for wearing heels to class.

new girl judging you

Sorry, these feet are a no flip flop zone.

8. You literally cannot get those $1,000 rock studs out of your head.

can't sleep

Like, it keeps you up at night.

9. You can never pay attention in class.

daydreaming clueless

‘Cause you’re too busy scouring eBay for good deals on Louboutins.

10. You are personally offended by people who wear ugly shoes.

offended gasp

There’s just no excuse!

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I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like,,,,, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.