Harvard Students Might Get Jobs, But They're Not Getting Laid

From a young age, Harvard University is seen as an ideal college. It’s prestigious, Elle Woods went there, and having a diploma with “Harvard” written across the top practically guarantees a job after graduation. But all the kiddos that just submitted their deposit to be part of the class of 2019 might not like this news – according to an annual survey by The Harvard Crimson, a quarter of Harvard’s graduating seniors didn’t have sex while in college. Zero sex. For four years.
For a lot of people, college is their time for experimenting with sex and for good reason. You’re on your own for the first time, you’re meeting new and interesting people all the time, and that extra long twin bed is the epitome of seductive.
I would make fun of Harvard students for not getting laid, but I’m not exactly surprised. The Ivy Leaguers in Cambridge have bigger fish to fry, and sex doesn’t exactly have a spot on your LinkedIn profile. While the kids at West Virginia University are tailgating football games and partying their faces off on a daily basis, Harvard students are starting their own companies, creating apps, and inventing social media in their spare time. For fun.
Not everyone at Harvard is saving themselves though. The survey also reports that 12% of the class had more than 10 sexual partners and 21% first had sex during their freshman year. See? There’s still hope, class of 2019! And if you can’t find anyone at Harvard, I’m sure Boston is full of more sexually active colleges.
More than 750 people, nearly half of Harvard’s senior class, responded to the poll that questioned everything from post-graduate plans to sleep habits. Maybe those who didn’t answer were too busy in bed…?

[Story via The Harvard Crimson]

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