High School Seniors Pulled One The Best Pranks But Not Everyone Was Amused

Last week, in Morganza, Maryland, six Chopticon High School students and one alumni student allegedly decided to pull a crazy senior prank involving a huge ladybug infestation.
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On the morning of May 20, five of the individuals involved decided to break into the high school early while two stood outside as lookouts. The students released 72,000 ladybugs, that they purchased online, into the school’s hallways.
Unfortunately, four of the students who were involved in this prank are now being charged of three offenses: fourth-degree burglary, property destruction, and disruption of school activities.
In addition to this, one of the students has been kept from walking during the school’s upcoming graduation ceremony. While three of the students involved have not yet been found, they will be charged with a criminal summons.
Much of the current students who attend Chopticon High School thought the prank was hilarious and silly. They felt that the students were being punished unfairly and that it really was no big deal. Last Tuesday, students decided to protest against the whole ordeal at a Board of Education meeting.
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You’ve got to give these guys some props. It took a lot of guts to pull something like this! I’m one of those people who’s completely jealous that they didn’t think of something this for their senior prank in high school. Hopefully, these guys got something from this experience and will learn that not everyone will find certain things as funny as they do.

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