10 Problems Only Long Haired Girls Will Understand

If you’ve never had hair that hangs halfway down your back, you won’t understand the struggle. That is all.

1. The amount of hair that winds up on your floor/bed/shower/brush is appalling.


Also really hard to clean.

2. You have to stand up while getting your hair cut.

And it’s super awkward to have to stand there while everyone else just sits.

3. Blow drying your hair is basically an arm workout.

blow drying

Which is good but because you hate working out, you’re usually just left with weird air-dried hair.

4. You never have time to curl your hair.

Have you tried working will all this?

5. Wearing your hair down during the summer is the worst.

britney slave

Soo much  sweat.

6. Little kids are always pulling at your strands.

Like, does it look like a curtain? Well, sort of.

7. When people ask you how you ‘got your hair so long…’


And you have to be like, “Uh, I just didn’t cut it for a while?”

8. That headache you get when you have your hair up for too long.

It just weighs a lot, okay?

9. That moment when you realize how much money you spend on shampoo and conditioner.

take my money

RIP bank account.

10. Never being able to find a strong enough towel to hold all that hair on your head.

And resigning yourself to letting your wet mop fall to one side. Ugh.

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