38 New Emoji Are Coming Next Year For Your Texting Pleasure

Just this week, we posted about new emoji that need to exist pronto, and the texting gods agree – the bajillion existing emoji just aren’t enough. Apple just gave us a ton of new emoji in iOS 8.3, but now the Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji characters across all the operating systems out there, has released 38 proposed new emoji for 2016.

I’m very, very disappointed to report that none of our suggestions made the cut. We’re going to have to continue to endure that daily struggle that is not having a cheese or Netflix emoji. However, here are the 38 new emoticons we can look forward to overusing come June 2016.

1. Bacon (You can practically smell them through your phone screen.)
2. Clinking glasses (This is necessary, thank you.)
3. Shrug (aka IDGAF. We’ll be using this far too often.)
4. Face palm (I have to wait another year to send a face palm? *Face palm*)
5. Pregnant woman (Hey mama!)
6. Man dancing (Men can break it down on the dance floor too!)
7. Avocado (Avocados are delicious.)
8. Croissant (Only using this every morning next to a cup of coffee.)
9. Selfie (But first…)
10. Shark (To be overused specifically during Shark Week.)
11. Prince (Let’s hope he resembles Harry instead of William.)
12. Man in tuxedo (Bride + man in tuxedo = me talking about my future with Channing Tatum.)
13. Drooling face (For when your crush sits next to you in class and you’re swooning.)
14. Cucumber (Nice alternative since the eggplant got banned.)
15. Left-facing fist (Fist…)
16. Right-facing fist (…bump.)
17. Hand with first and index finger crossed (For sending luck along with the clover!)
18. Face with cowboy hat (Yee-haw)
19. Handshake (For when you sign off on a business email?)
20. Nauseated face (We needed a hangover indicator!)
21. Duck (Quack.)
22. Fox face (Roar?)
23. Motor scooter (For when you’re zipping around Italy. That always happens.)
24. Black heart (Emoji makers are not feeling the love that day.)
25. Rolling on the floor laughing (Only like a decade late on this being a thing, guys.)
26. Lying face (Wait, what does a lying face look like? #guilty)
27. Wilted flower (Will always be accompanied with a sad face.)
28. Eagle (‘Merica.)
29. “Call me” hand (Because sending a telephone on your telephone wasn’t enough.)
30. Owl (Hoot.)
31. Potato (We need a couch to pair this with.)
32. Bat (Has Halloween written all over it.)
33. Raised back of hand (“You’re about to get slapped.”)
34. Carrot (Never really longed for a carrot emoji before.)
35. Mother Christmas (Lol, what?)
36. Scooter (Totally different than motor scooter, see above.)
37. Octagonal sign (This will sit untouched with the rest of the rando shapes.)
38. Clown face (Wait, we don’t like clowns. You can keep that one.)

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