Four Females to Follow On Social Media

At this point in your life, hopefully you have learned to surround yourself with the right people—the kind of company that makes you better. But can you say the same for who you follow on social media? Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, chances are your friend list is flooded with past acquaintances, people you don’t even remember how you know—or whether you actually do—and miscellaneous accounts that don’t actually bring anything to the table.
When you think about it, the ratio of irrelevant to valuable people you follow on social media is wildly imbalanced. If you’re going to spend a significant amount of your life scrolling through your social media feeds, the least you can do is make sure you are following quality people/businesses who actually offer you something—entertainment, information, news, advice, etc.
Below are four females that offer a unique and quality to twentysomethings via social media, as well as where and why you should be following them. (Examples included for the those who need further convincing.)

Who: Chelsea Fagan, Writer & Founder of The Financial Diet

Where: (@TFDiet), @Chelsea_Fagan
Why: When you’re in your twenties (okay, and your thirties…) handling your finances is tough work, even—no, especially—if your “finances” consist of a heaping pile of student loans, continuous overdraft fees and stretching your minimum wage paycheck enough to pay rent each month. Fagan, Founder of The Financial Diet blog, teaches people “the luxury of spending less” in a way that doesn’t make you nod off or cripple with anxiety. Also, Fagan has a refreshingly sarcastic and realistic attitude that makes for amusing and relatable tweets. 2015-05-28 09-59-11 2015-05-28 09-58-22

Who: Katie Heaney, Author of “Never Have I Ever” & Buzzfeed Writer

Where: @KTHeaney, Buzzfeed, Amazon
Why: In addition to her book “Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date,” which offers a hilariously account for dating, or lack thereof, throughout her life that most women can relate to—or, at the very least, laugh at—Heaney also regularly writes for Buzzfeed delivering hilarious news bits, punchy advice pieces and addicting-in-that-guilty-pleasure-way quizzes. And, like Fagan, her Twitter feed offers a continuous flow of humor, often poking fun and slightly unhinging the ludicrous societal norms plaguing our existence day to day. 2015-05-28 10-16-51 2015-05-28 10-16-02

Who: Joanna Goddard, Magazine Writer & Blogger

Where:, @joannagoddard, Instagram
Why: With an impressive history of writing and editing for some of the biggest magazines out there, such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour, Goddard now blogs full-time, covering every lifestyle topic, from fashion and beauty trends to relationships and motherhood. And her Instagrams are cute and pretty. 2015-05-30 12-15-53


Who: Dear Coquette, Anonymous Internet Personality & Advice Columnist

Where:,, @Dearcoquette, @coketweet
Why: Because this blog offers “shady advice from a raging bitch”—which, sometimes, is exactly what you need. Instead of fluffing her site and posts up with cliché advice and glossy tips, she delivers that brutal punch of truth that most people secretly want (and pretend to be offended by) but rarely get.

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