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10 Problems Tall Girls Know All Too Well


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Believe it or not, being tall comes with a load of struggles. As a tall girl myself, I’ve heard every comment in the book about my height, from “You’re so lucky! I wish I was tall” to “Where do you find clothes?” (Um, I shop in the same places you do!) I feel like no one really knows about any of the struggles us tall women go through in our day to day lives.

Don’t get me wrong, being tall has SO MANY PERKS! But, being tall is not as easy as it looks.

These are some of the problems that every tall girl can relate to.

1. People constantly telling you that you’re tall.

tall girl, orange is the new black

Oh my god! Really?! I had no idea! You know, it’s not like I’ve looked in a mirror or anything…

2. Always being asked you if you play basketball or volleyball.

tall girl, tall girl problems

No, I don’t play any sports. But thanks for even thinking I was anywhere near athletic. You know, just because I’m tall that doesn’t mean I’m Michael Jordan.

3. People will explode as soon as you decide to wear heels.

tall girl, heels,

I’m sorry, but I’m going to rock these heels whether you like or not. You’re just going to have to get over it, buddy.

4. Rompers and Dresses Are Not Your Friends

tall girl, tall girl problems

There’s this thing that happens where rompers and dresses just magically turn into shirts on you. Don’t even think about trying to wear a shirt as a dress because it’s never gonna happen.

5. Oh – jeans and long sleeved shirts are out of the question too..

tall girl, tall girl problems

Our ankles and wrists are constantly showing. No one has yet to invent clothing that’s actually long enough for us and fit. Why does it have to be so hard?

6. Never finding your shoe size

shoes, kelly, tall girl,

Sizes 9 thru 12 are just never available anywhere! And if they are, they’re usually ugly.

7. No. Legroom. AT ALL!

tall girl, tall girl problem

Airplane seat and desks are always the worst. Just once, you would like to be able to cross your legs comfortably!

8. Apparently, we intimidate short men.

tall girl problems, tall girl

Some men just can’t handle our Amazonian nature. Oh well. We prefer taller guys anyways. LOL.

9. You just always end up being the only tall girl out all your friends.

tall girl, tall girl problem
You basically stick out like a sore thumb whenever you decide to go out and chill with your besties (which can sometimes be a good thing), but it really sucks when you have grown accustom to those awkward boob hugs and had to master some seriously tricky knee-bending techniques.

10. For life, your job will be someone’s personal ladder.

tall girl, tall girl problem

People are always asking to reach for things! Like, can you not? Go get a step stool!


If you had to use one word to describe Ashley it would be: optimistic. She has always had a love for writing since the 1st grade. She loves anything that allows her to be creative from playing the drums, dance and even singing. She is also completely obsessed with Tumblr and anything related to fashion.