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The 10 Stages Of Going To Grad School



Going to grad school is awesome for a few reasons – it’s an excuse to stay in school, a way to meet new people, and a hiatus before you hit the real world – and awful for others (it’s expensive, you’ll feel poor, and it’s actually hard as hell). If you’re looking to stay in school, be prepared for basically all of these things to happen to you.

Stage 1: Excitement.


You’re going to be a student again, except this time you’ll only take classes you actually care about! No math! No science! Just Cultural Explorations Of Nudity In 21st Century Cinema!


Stage 2: Inferiority.


This kid next to me has HOW many years of work experience? The girl in the front won a Nobel Peace Prize? Where am I? And why are all these people so smart?


Stage 3: Fear.


There is no way I can get through this. No friggin’ way. I’m going to drop out. Can I drop out?


Stage 4: Defeat.


“Mom? I’m dropping out. Can you book me a flight home? I would but I have no money.”


Stage 5: Determination.


Screw dropping out. I am going to be a MASTER of something. I can DO THIS. Do you hear me? I can do this. As soon as I get four cups of coffee in my system.


Stage 6: Adjustment.


Wait..this isn’t actually so bad. I’m in the grove. I’m making friends. I have my rhythm down pat. Grad school is my bitch.


Stage 7: Accomplishment.


Wow…I’ve seriously learned a lot in, what, three months? Is that even possible? Apparently I’m a GENIUS.


Stage 8: Disbelief.


Wait…I graduate in a few weeks? Where did the time go?


Stage 9: Triumph.


I just got an advanced degree. I’m a highly educated person. Wow, I’m so happy I went to grad school.


Stage 10: Nostalgia.


Damn…I miss grad school.


    I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like,,,,, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.