10 Possible Names For Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Second Baby

If you haven’t been on the internet today, you might not know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting baby number two!
When Kim was pregnant before, everyone joked that they would name their baby North West…and then the superstar couple actually did. With a last name like West, the possibilities for punny names are endless – who knows what Nori’s little brother or sister will be called! One thing is for sure: Kim and Kanye aren’t going to settle for a name that doesn’t make their kid stand out. In case you’re in need of some suggestions, Kimye, we’ve got you covered.

1. South West

This is obviously the strong fan favorite.
Advantage: North would have the perfect partner-in-crime.
Disadvantage: Shares a name with a well-known airline.

2. East West

We’re hoping they wouldn’t go with West West, but this is still a possibility
Advantage: No one is going to mess with a wicked witch, amiright?
Disadvantage: It makes very little sense, and people may think you’re a wicked witch.

3. Wild Wild West

The joke is just waiting to happen.
Advantage: Also the name of an awesome Will Smith/Kevin Kline movie.
Disadvantage: Also the name of an awesome Will Smith/Kevin Kline movie.

4. Chipotle West

Would you put it past these two?
Advantage: The kid will have some awesome endorsement deals.
Disadvantage: Those deals will be limited to one eatery.

5. John West

Maybe Kim and Kanye will throw us a curveball and just give their little one a totally common name.
Advantage: Sounds like an old school cowboy name.
Disadvantage: John West is a brand of canned tuna. Oops.

6. Kompass West

Get it, get it?
Advantage: No need to think hard about a rap name.
Disadvantage: Upholds the Kardashian K tradition, so child will be endlessly gifted hand-me-down monogrammed stuff.

7. Kanye West, Jr.

You just know that Kanye would love to name something after his favorite thing…himself.
Advantage: No one would ever forget who he is.
Disadvantage: Endlessly saying, “No, that’s my dad.”

8. Beyonce West

Kimye is not afraid to go there.
Advantage: Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Queen Bey?
Disadvantage: Baby B would have the Bey Hive swarming.

9. Fred West

It’s old school, but it could be worse…or could it?
Advantage: Freddie is a pretty cute name.
Disadvantage: Turns out Fred West is the name of a serial killer.

10. Shane West

Remember him?
Advantage: Shares name with that hottie from A Walk to Remember.
Disadvantage: The OG Shane West might be a little miffed about another famous person sharing his name, even though he was born Shannon Bruce Snaith.

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