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Apparently Having Loud Sex Can Land You Behind Bars


awkward couple bed

Sex can be a lot of things. Messy. Maybe it tests your flexibility. And sometimes, it’s loud. Just ask your next door neighbor in the dorm (yeah, they could probably hear you). Well, some people in Britain were not down to listening to their neighbor, Gemma Wale, well, wail while she boned.

Gemma Wale is facing a two-week sentence for “having sex at a level of noise which caused nuisance or annoyance.” Prior to the incident, she had apparently racked up an antisocial behavior order (the British equivalent of your RA writing you up?) in January for shouting at her boyfriend and blasting music. She couldn’t keep it down, but this time, she was disturbing her slumbering neighbors during a romp in the sack. Reportedly, it only lasted about ten minutes, but I guess the folks on her street were trying to snooze at 5 am.

gemma wale
[Image via Facebook]

Neighbors called Wale an “absolute neighbor from hell,” saying this behavior was normal for her. She was constantly having parties that lasted until dawn, fighting with neighbors, and of course, super loud intercourse. The final straw? Wale didn’t seem to care that she was the neighborhood’s most wanted. Judge Emma Kelly said, “In light of the amount of breaches found, the lack of remorse and the defendant’s attendance at court literally days before half of these breaches took place, I take the view that an immediate term of imprisonment is justified on the facts of this case.”

Wale was sentenced to fourteen days in the slammer…ouch. Don’t count on your neighbors to collect your mail, Gemma. Apparently they aren’t very familiar with this rule…

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.