#WearingOrange: An Urge For An End To Gun Violence In The U.S.

Today marks the first ever National Gun Violence Awareness Day. This campaign was originally organized by a nonprofit organization, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, of people who are working together to try and end gun violence throughout the United States.

gun violence, wear orange. orange, united states

In honor of this day, people are encouraged to wear orange, in order to spread the word about their message. According to weareorange.org, orange symbolizes “the value of human life.” The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund is also urging people to spread awareness on social media by posting a pledge explaining who they are wearing orange for.

hadiya pendleton, gun violence, wear orange. orange, united states

This movement originated in the south side of Chicago in March 2013 to honor 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a student who was fatally shot by alleged gang members who mistaken Pendleton for being a member of a rival gang.

gun violence, wear orange. orange, united states, hadiya pendleton

Hadiya’s friends created Project Orange Tree to honor her life and encourage an end to tragedies such as these. Hadiya’s parents have explained that “This isn’t a statement about the Second Amendment or gun ownership, it’s about recognizing that we have a gun-violence problem in our community and in our country. Put simply, if you believe there is more we can do to save American lives from gun violence, wear orange.”

gun violence, wear orange. orange, united states

Today, groups such as Amnesty International USA, Sandy Hook Promise, and Media Matters as well as Congress members from Illinois to California are planning on wearing orange and promoting all about the cause today. In addition, media organizations such as Motown Records, HBO, Essence Magazine, and MTV have also decided to aid in creating more recognition about the cause. 

The topic of gun violence in America has been something that has gained a lot of attention. This is something that is affecting a large amount of people throughout our community and it is something that is believed to be continually getting worser as the years go by. With guns killing 88 people everyday in the United States, it is time to come together to try and make a change and push for an end to these casualties.

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