Happy National Running Day! Here Are 59 Things That Go Through Your Head During A Jog

When you go out for a run, your body isn’t the only thing that’s racing. Your mind can’t seem to turn off and just enjoy the view – it’s on full power, filling your head with complaints and “Where did that come from?” random thoughts.

1. I skipped my daily run for the past six months, but today’s the day!

2. First step: get out of bed.

3. Where the hell are my sneakers?

4. Okay, here we go.

5. I definitely did not mean to let Map My Run post to Facebook.

6. Crap. Now everyone can see how often I get lost.

7. People will be impressed if I go five miles, right?

8. That’s not that far. Five miles. That only takes like…five minutes in a car.

9. It’s actually hotter than I thought.

10. Should I take off my sweatshirt? Is tying it around my waist super lame?

11. Whatever I’m going for it.

12. I deserve some kind of award for taking my jacket off without dropping my iPhone in a sewer grate.

13. Oh! Hello, fellow jogger!

14. Wave or smile? Wave or smile?

15. Just go with the smile.

16. That was a painful, contorted smile. Now that guy thinks I’m going to murder him.

17. I must be like halfway done.

18. .82 MILES?!

19. Maybe that five mile thing was a little ambitious.

20. I just need more motivating music.

21. Too bad all my Spotify playlists are full of Adele and John Legend.

22. Amanda used to drive a car like that.

23. I wonder what she’s up to.

24. I’m going to Facebook stalk her when I get home.

25. Then I’m going to have like, four milkshakes.

26. I’m just saying that because “Milkshake” came on shuffle.

27. I really need to update my music.

28. There’s someone coming up behind me. I can sense it.

29. Are they going to go around me? Should I move to the sidewalk? I’m panicking.

30. Phew, she’s past without any casualties.

31. What a jerk for passing me so smugly.

32. I’m going to pass someone.

33. Just not today.

34. Need water.

35. Beach body, here I come.

36. Well, sort of.

37. Half way there. I might need to take a little walking break…

38. No. Walking is for the weak.

39. *Hot guy running opposite direction approaches*

40. Please don’t judge my sweatiness, hot man.

41. Maybe he needs a running buddy?

42. Talk about motivation.

43. Oh, okay, he avoided all eye contact. That’s fine.

44. I don’t even like running.

45. If Britney Spears can make it through 2007, I can make it through this run.

46. A hill? Seriously?

47. Not now hill, I really can’t.

48. Don’t taunt me.

49. I’ll show you.

50. Okay, that wasn’t fun and I will be planning my routes better in the future.

51. Will I be done in time to make it to Taco Bell breakfast?

52. Less than a mile to go!

53. This actually isn’t so bad.

54. I should probably sign up for a half marathon. I could definitely do that.

56. Is a post run Instagram selfie too much?

57. Yeah it’s too much.

58. But a Snapchat is totally appropriate.

59. After all, I’m pretty much Superman.