Ex-Employees Accuse CVS Of Racial Profiling

Last Wednesday, four former employees of a CVS in New York City decided to file a lawsuit against the drugstore chain, which alleged that they were told to engage in racial profiling.
These employees – Lacole Simpson, Sheree Steele, Delbert Sorhaindo, and Kerth Pollack – were CVS theft investigators and stated that their bosses instructed them to racially profile African American and Latino shoppers.
According to the complaint, Anthony Salvatore and Abdul Selene, two Loss Prevention Department managers, asked investigators to “track and follow black and Latino customers, even when there was no indication whatsoever that they were intending to steal.”
In addition this, it was also alleged that racist comments were being constantly made about both the employees and various minority shoppers. One of the alleged statements that was made by one of the managers was, “these black people are always the ones that are the thieves.” The suit also stated that a store manager once instructed Delbert Sorhaindo to “hide like a monkey” to avoid being detected by shoplifters.
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The former employees tried to complain to Human Resources about the countless misconduct at work but unfortunately their complaints and calls were completely ignored.
CVS spokeswoman Carolyn Castel recently made a statement in relation to the lawsuit allegations. She stated, “CVS Health has firm nondiscrimination policies that it rigorously enforces. We serve all communities and we do not tolerate any policy or practice that discriminates against any group. We are shocked by the allegations in this Complaint and we intend to defend against them vigorously.”
This case proves to be quite different from a lot of the other racial profiling allegation cases against companies such as Macy’s and Barney’s New York in that the suit against CVS was initially filed by employees instead of shoppers.
The lawsuit explained that the plaintiffs would also plan to file complaints with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This would allow them to add additional claims to their case.
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