Sunday Funday: 9 Things To Do For a Better Week

Whether you are currently suffering from the Sunday Scaries, or spending the day trying to be as productive as possible before it’s back to your 9-5 schedule, Sundays are–traditionally– a time to rest and restore for the week ahead. So, in order to do that, we’ve come up with 9 things you can do in the next 24 hours to guarantee you will be starting your week off on the right foot.

1. Exercise.

I know, it’s annoying enough knowing you should be exercising every day, but to be repeatedly reminded of it, especially when you’ve done such a good job ignoring all the other articles advising you to do so? Enough is enough. I get it. But if you start off your week with a quick run jog, you are more likely to want to keep up with it throughout the rest of the week. Or, at the very least, you’ll feel good getting it out of the way now, and rationalize that since you worked out already, you don’t have to know for the rest of the week. Either way.

2. Do your laundry.

When you look good, you feel good… right? Well it’s hard to look good when your hamper is overflowing with all your cute clothes. Get it out of the way now so you have outfit options throughout the week.

3. Pamper yourself.

Whether you want this to be an at home, DIY mani/pedi, or finally tending to the forest that is now your eyebrows, it doesn’t matter. Just do something that will make yourself feel (and look) better. Hey, maybe now is a good time to finally getting around to trying out one of those strange facemasks you saw on Pinterest. You know, the ones that use only ingredients from your kitchen…

4. Read a book.

Okay, maybe not a whole book. Maybe just a few pages. But make sure it is actually a print book. Like, the kind you hold in your hands, not the ones you read on your phone. Sundays are the perfect time to give your eyes a break from staring at screens all day. There will be plenty of time for you to do that throughout the week.

5. Clean your apartment.

Or your bedroom (if you’re still, ahem, living with your parents). Getting your physical surroundings in order can do wonders for tricking yourself into believing your mental state is also put together…

6. Make mid-week plans with a friend.

As ironically depressing as this may sound, it’s good to make plans so you have something to look forward to later on in the week. Work will likely feel a lot less painful if you know you have plans afterward you’re actually excited about.

7. Go grocery shopping.

If you get groceries now, before your crazy schedule gives you too many excuses to for-go it all together and end up spending more than you should be while eating out for lunch every day.

8. Call a friend.

Because it’s Sunday, it’ll be hard for someone to dodge you and use work or class as an excuse. It’s healthy to get some catch-up phone calls in every now and then. And no, texting doesn’t count.

9. Go outside.

If you work a 9-5, chances are you spend most of your week indoors, probably staring at your computer screen. Take advantage of the opportunity you have now to become one with nature, or to at least get some vitamin D.
Regardless of what specific activities you actually end up doing to kick off your week, just make sure you are taking a little time to focus on yourself. You’re important. But hopefully you don’t need to be reminded of that.

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