10 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Proved They Are #RelationshipGoals

If #RelationshipGoals were in the dictionary (which it should be), Chrissy Teigen and John Legend would be pictured right next to it. Instead of saying, “I’m waiting for my Prince Charming,” I’m going to start saying, “I’m waiting for my John Legend.” They are literally perf, and here’s why:

1. When he sang to her on Oprah:

“All of me”= all the feels.

2. When she posted this pic on Instagram with the caption, “We are literally just talking about cornbread.”

Definition of #goals. That’s also the largest pepper shaker I’ve ever seen.


3. …Probably because she posted this pic just days earlier:


4. When she crashed the set of his music video:

Not that he fell for it, but the effort is certainly noted.

5. When they landed the cover of a major mag together:

Is a marriage actually a marriage if you don’t pose for a magazine for all the world to see?


6. When they stayed in bed all day:

I wish my Memorial Day consisted of a hot dude and pizza.

7. When he was so supportive, he cried:

When she booked the cover of Sports Illustrated, he just couldn’t contain his perfectly manly emotions.

8. When they adopted a three-legged dog:

And she couldn’t wait for the two of them to come home.


9. When she was so happy for her hubby at the Golden Globes, she ugly cried in front of millions:

Remember this?

10. Finally, when he wrote the most adorable song about her, and she starred in his video:

From then on, I realized that no one could ever be as in love/perfect as these two. SIGH. Goodbye to my John Legend.

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