This Girl’s “Respect” Performance Is Dance Goals

Aretha Franklin? Is that you?

It’s actually a little girl named Johanna, but her dance recital performance of “Respect” channels the superstar in every way. She’s got the moves, she nails the facial expressions, and she is so sassy that we want to invite her to teach us her ways.

I’m pretty sure my dance recital performances more closely resembled the girl on the left, but Johanna doesn’t even know “stage fright” is a term. It’s okay, side girls – most girls this age can’t remember a whole routine like that. Plus, every Diana Ross needs her Supremes and every Beyonce needs her “Single Ladies” backup dancers.

Witness the star in the making’s performance below.

Get this girl to Ellen! She could be bff with Sophia Grace and Rosie and have sass-offs with Saige, the “I’m movin’ on” girl.

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