Naya Rivera Set To Release Juicy Memoir In 2016

Yesterday, Naya Rivera confirmed on Twitter that she is currently working on her first book – a memoir.
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She has not yet revealed exactly what we should expect or what stories she’s going to tell. An inside source recently spoke to E! News and explained, “She’s going to be very honest and real. She talks about growing up poor and all the trouble she had when she was younger, it’s things that a lot of woman can relate to. She talks about having to choose between her career and school, and she shares all the crazy jobs she had before landing Glee, giving lots of Glee behind-the-scenes secrets.”
naya rivera
Rivera revealed that her memoir’s title would be Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up. 
Let’s be real: everyone is hoping she’ll finally spill about all the details of why her engagement with Big Sean didn’t work out, tell us all about her surprise wedding with Ryan Dorsey, and talk about that crazy feud she had with Lea Michele! The book is set to be released next spring, and we’re thinking it will be the perfect book to read poolside.

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