Find Out Why Females All Over The World Aren't Shaving Their Armpit Hair

At Arizona State University, putting down your razor can lift up your GPA. Women and gender studies professor Breanne Fahs is offering extra credit to female students for not shaving their armpit hair for a whole semester. Besides being a grade booster, the students are participating in an effort to challenge social norms and beauty standards for women.
The movement is going viral worldwide. Women in China and the United Kingdom have been ditching their razors and posting pictures of their underarms in a viral campaign/contest that is taking over China’s version of Twitter. Thousands of pictures have been uploaded to the site, with the main page gaining millions of views.

Xiao Meili, a prominent women’s rights activist in China, launched the ‘Armpit Hair Competition’ on Weibo, a popular Chinese blog site. She said, “Girls are often anxious about their armpit hair as if it’s a sign of being dirty or uncivilized. We should have the freedom to choose whether to accept what grows naturally on our bodies.”
Madonna is one of many celebs who have proven to be a fan of having armpit hair. Miley Cyrus has even dyed it to make things interesting.
Not everyone is praising the movement though. One woman wrote on Weibo, “What is this competition? No-one forces me to shave my armpit hair. I do it because I think it’s gross not to.”
What do you guys think? Is this movement of women proudly displaying their armpit hair gross or awesome?

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