11 Outdoor Spots To Have Sex This Summer That Won't Land You In Jail

shower sex
Shower sex is always fun, but bring it outdoors for a summertime twist. You’re going to be rinsing off after a day at the beach anyway.

With most people gone during the summer, a deserted campus is practically begging for you to create some college memories. Find a hidden spot and wear a dress or skirt with nothing on underneath for a quickie before campus police roll by.

pool sex
Summer essential. You can’t just be around each other in bathing suits and not want to put your hands on each other. Give into the urge! Use those stairs in the shallow end or a floating pool toy for an unforgettable experience.

hot tub
The pool’s cousin, but hotter in every way.

5. Boat

boat kiss
Rock the boat, literally. This would probably be easiest on your vacation cruise or large sailboat, but we’re not saying a canoe is impossible…just rock steady, sailor.

6. Tent

austin power tent gif
Pitch a tent before you, uh, pitch a tent. You can set it up in the backyard if the idea of heading out into the wilderness doesn’t turn you on for the same results. Just be aware that those walls are anything but soundproof.

7. Balcony

You know that balcony off your friend’s apartment? You might need to ask to borrow it for an hour for some sexy time. Have him position himself behind you and no one passing by will have a clue what’s really going on.

car sex
Bring back that spot where you used to make out when your parents were home and you headed out to get “ice cream.” Pull into the top deck of a parking garage, the parking lot of a beach or park, or any old secluded spot. Sure, it’s cramped and pretty uncomfortable, but the backseat of a car is a classic. Just pretend you’re Jack and Rose on the Titanic without the tragic ending.

9. Beach

laughing couple beach
As long as sand doesn’t make its way to places it shouldn’t be (cringing just thinking about that possibility), sex on the beach is a must do at some point in your life. After all, they didn’t name a delicious drink after “sex in the bedroom.” It’s not super risky either – just lay on a blanket with another one covering you, and you’ll see anyone approaching you long before you get caught. Bonus points if you do it on the lifeguard stand.

10. Bouncy House

bouncy house dog
Once the party is over and the kids are in bed, you can use that bouncy house for your own fun before the crew comes to take it away in the morning.

11. Rooftop

should be fun
Excuse yourself from the party for some “stargazing” (you’re not lying, you will be seeing stars) and head up to the roof. Make sure it’s flat and secure – you don’t want to explain that one to the ER staff.

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