WATCH: Lena Dunham Slays Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle

During Friday night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, actress and writer Lena Dunham showed off yet another one of her skills while taking on the lip sync battle.
The Girls creator sported some large hoop earrings and Nike athletic attire for the performance because, as she explained, she “wanted to take this seriously and needed room to flex.”
Watch the hilarious lip sync battle between Dunham and Fallon below:
[protected-iframe id=”21ba471a9d19177d0d83ec8a8b098b63-860993-62745551″ info=”″ width=”853″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
The eight minute battle was kicked off with Fallon’s rendition of the 1982 classic “I’ve Never Been to Me” by Charlene, followed by RUN-MC’s “Run’s House.”
Dunham, the clear winner, chose Calvin Harris’s “Outside” (probably making her BFF Taylor Swift proud, not only for her dancing skills but also because Swift recently began dating Harris), as well as Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.”
And considering the backlash Dunham has received regarding her body image, we can’t hep but think this is yet another fabulous anti-fat-shaming statement she’s purposely making.
After the battle, Dunham told Fallon:

I love Lip Sync Battle and I love your new show Lip Sync Battle, but I’m a Lip Sync Battle purist, and I wanted to take back to home base. And against you. As amazing as The Rock is, he’s not who I want to Lip Sync Battle. I want to Lip Sync Battle you.

You go, Lena!

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